Student Athletic Ticket Information

Ticket Office Contact:
1-800-WEB-FOOT or 541-346-4461

Frequently Asked Questions

Which sports can students attend for free?

All sporting events are free for students to attend, depending on the term the student is enrolled and paying for the necessary fees. For instance Football is a fall sport in which students enrolled in fall term will be eligible for these games. Basketball is a winter sport and will require enrollment in Winter classes, as well as Baseball is a spring sport and so on. Men's Basketball and Football tickets are allocated through first come first serve lottery system on and tickets are limited, however students can attend any other sporting event with just their student ID and will not have to reserve a ticket ahead of time. 

How are student tickets free?

Each term, each student is charged a fee through their tuition called the Incidental Fee, which is a portion of the mandatory fees. The pool of funds from the I-Fee is then allocated to a number of resources and services for students, athletic tickets being one of the services. The ASUO finance committee negotiates a contract with the Athletic Department each year to ensure this process goes smoothly and students will be able to attend athletic events for free. Specifically for Football and Men's Basketball games, tickets for students are limited as the demand for these events is very high. This ensures non-students/community members fair access to these events as well as keeping the incidental fee at a reasonable cost for students. For more questions on the contracting process, contact the Athletics and Contracts Finance Committee at

I am trying to set up an account with my ID number but it says I am not eligible/verified, what does this mean?

This can mean one of two things. Either you are not being assessed the incidental fee (included in mandatory fees) which are charged to each student per term, OR the ticket office has not received an updated report of who has been assessed the incidental fee. The latter case often occurs during the summer or before students have been assessed the i-fee (incoming freshman, graduate programs, etc.), and generally speaking this will not happen during times that students need to access their ticket account. To find out whether or not you are actually being assessed the correct fees, most students can find this information on their billing statement on DuckWeb or you can call the ASUO office for more information.

How can I find out if I am being assessed the I-Fee?

To check that you are being assessed the correct fees; most students can see this information on their billing statement found on DuckWeb. Students can also call the ASUO office directly and a professional staff can check the UO ID number in the banner system. 

The ASUO Office…

  • Does NOT allocate student tickets
  • Cannot “validate” nor “register” any student.
  • Simply negotiates with the Athletic Department the number of tickets to be available to students one year in advance during the budgeting process.
  • Professional Staff can see a summary of your student account which allows them to determine if you are registered for courses assessed the incidental fee.

If you have any difficulty/trouble with your GoDucks account or have questions about the electronic ticketing process (including release dates), please contact the Athletics’ Ticketing Office 1-800-WEB-FOOT or 541-346-4461 |

If you need additional details about your course registration, class standing and holds/restrictions please contact the Office of the Registrar. 503-346-2935 |

​​New Entry Procedures and Policies for Football Games

Dear Student:

As a University of Oregon student you are responsible for positive and respectful behavior at all activities and events, including athletic competitions.  All student ticket holders are receiving this message to ensure they are aware of the policies and expectations for athletic events. We hope you will continue the exceptional level of sportsmanship demonstrated by most of your peers and our outstanding student athletes, and would like to emphasize the following policies in effect for Autzen Stadium:

•             NEW FOR THE 2013 FOOTBALL SEASON: students who have received a ticket via the student lottery must have a game-specific wristband to sit/stand in the student section. Wristbands are issued prior to entry into the stadium, and will only be issued at the student entrances, which are clearly marked at the South Gate only.  Other gates will not be able to provide wristbands, and students who gain entry to the stadium without getting a wristband will be denied entry to the student section.  Please arrive at the stadium with enough time prior to kickoff to ensure you can make your way through the wrist banding process. 

•             Alcohol is not permitted inside the stadium except in licensed pavilions where it may be legally dispensed.  Individuals appearing visibly intoxicated and/or individuals with alcohol or other substances may be denied admission to the game as well as face municipal charges and/or student conduct charges for any illegal substances. Additionally, the University of Oregon is a smoke & tobacco-free campus.  This includes Autzen stadium.

•             YOU MUST HAVE YOUR UO STUDENT ID CARD with the bar code intact in order to gain admittance to the stadium.  Students are not permitted to use the ID of another student to gain entry into the game.  If you are unable to attend a game and have been assigned a ticket, please contact the UO Athletic Ticket Office as soon as possible so they may reissue your ticket to another student.  Students found using another student’s ID will be reported to the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards for misuse of a University ID.

•             The following  items are prohibited at Autzen Stadium:  glass or metal containers, vacuum bottles or other similar (thermos-type) insulated containers, open plastic beverage containers (unless empty), weapons, fireworks, laser pointers, explosives or munitions. Students agree as a condition of the ticket license to allow inspection of any articles capable of concealing these prohibited items.

Students engaging in behaviors that are counter to our campus community values and stadium policies may, in addition to facing municipal and/or student conduct actions, Violations of stadium policies or the Code of Conduct including but not limited to alcohol-related violations could result in the loss of ticket privileges. Students found responsible two or more violations will lose at least one home game ticket privilege as well as face any other appropriate sanctions.

We hope this season’s spotlight on our campus community will shine brightly on our outstanding athletic programs and on all of our students at their best.  We ask for your assistance in reminding your friends and fellow students about the importance of being good sports, positive fans and gracious hosts. 

Thanks for your assistance and for your enthusiastic support of Oregon athletics.   Go Ducks!


Paul Shang, Ph.D.

Assistant Vice President and Dean of Students