Executive Branch

Office of the ASUO President

The ASUO Executive Branch consists of the Student Body President, a Vice-President, and an Executive Cabinet comprised of up to 24 appointed student leaders. The Executive initiates campaigns to impact the UO student experience; collaborates with faculty, staff, and other key decision-makers; and coordinates the student appointment process for committees which impact the entire student body. Internally, the Executive Branch approves, oversees, and works alongside the 200+ Student Organizations recognized by ASUO.

Members of the ASUO Executive serve one-year terms, May 25 to May 24.

Executive Branch Responsibilities and Goals

The ASUO Constitution calls upon each newly elected ASUO President to identify and publish their goals and responsibilities through a document called the Fulfillment of Duties Memo. This publication ensures that the student body understands the priorities and goals of the seated ASUO President, and creates a mechanism by which the student body may evaluate the ongoing work of their elected President and the Executive Branch. All members of the campus community are invited to review the Fulfillment of Duties Memo, which is published annually in June. Community members with questions or feedback on this memo should reach out to the ASUO President.

Student Resources

ASUO Executive Members are required to hold regular office hours during the school year to ensure that UO students know when and where to connect with them.