Executive Cabinet

Office of the ASUO President

The ASUO Executive Cabinet consists of the Student Body President, his or her Internal and External Vice-Presidents, and a Cabinet of up to 24 appointed members.  The group initiates campaigns to improve the student experience, collaborates with UO Faculty and staff, and coordinates the student appointment process for committees which impact the entire student body. Internally, the Executive Cabinet approves, oversees and works alongside the multitude of ASUO-Recognized Student Organizations. All members of the ASUO Executive Cabinet serve one-year terms.

Fulfillment of Duties Criteria

The ASUO Constitution calls upon the ASUO President to publish their own criteria for fulfillment of duties. These criteria give the ASUO President a chance to share with the student body their priorities and goals, and give the student body a means by which to evaluate the ongoing work of their elected Executive. President Amy Schenk invites all campus community members to review the 2017-2018 Fulfillment of Duties Criteria statement, and to reach out to the Executive with any questions or concerns.

Student Resources

ASUO Executive Members are required to hold regular office hours during the school year to give students the opportunity to connect with and inquire of their student leaders.