What is the Incidental Fee?

The Incidental Fee, also known as the I-Fee, is a fee paid by students through their course registration process (tuition). The ASUO uses an open and democratic system when allocating the collection of incidental fees, which currently total approximately $16 Million.

Where does the money go?

Student Organizations

Over 220 student organizations are recognized and supported by the ASUO.  The allocation of incidental fees to ASUO Student Organizations, or programs, is managed by the Programs Finance Committee.  Their budgeting process begins in Fall Term and ends with submission of an ASUO Programs recommended budget to the Student Senate in the Winter Term.

Erb Memorial Union

The Erb Memorial Union houses a multitude of services and programs which serve University of Oregon students, including administrative offices, meeting rooms, a copy center, US post office, retail food services, and a variety of ASUO-funded programs.  EMU facilities and programs are funded by the Incidental Fee, and allocated by a 15-member committee called the EMU Board.

In addition to managing EMU funds, the EMU Board also manages building guidelines, including the allocation of space.  Any matter dealing with renovations of the building, reassignment of space or changes in EMU program budgets must be approved by the EMU Board.

Athletics and Contracts

Campus-wide contracts and agreements are also funded by the incidental fee.  The intent of these contracts is to ensure student access to services that are not provided by the University.  ASUO's contracts and agreements are managed by the Athletics and Contracts Finance Committee (ACFC).

Currently contracted services include: Co-Op Family Center, ASUO Legal Services, Lane Transit District services, Sexual Assault Support Services, The Oregon Daily Emerald, The Office of Student Advocacy, The Oregon Student Association (OSA), and OSPIRG.

ACFC also administers an agreement with the UO Athletic Department, which provides UO students with an opportunity to attend Intercollegiate Athletics sporting events at a reasonable price.


Several university-wide departments receive incidental fee funds to support their endeavors which are directly tied to ASUO's mission to enhance the physical and cultural development of the University. 

Departmental funding is managed by the Departments Finance Committee (DFC).  Departments that the DFC currently funds include: (1) Accessible Education Center, (2) Committee for Musical Arts, (3) Forensics, (4) Holden Leadership Center, (5) LGBT Education and Support Services, (6) Mills International Center, (7) Multicultural Center, (8) Oregon Athletics Bands, (9) Prison Education Program, (10) Safe Ride & Designated Driver Shuttle, (11) Student Conflict Resolution Services, (12) Student Government Engagement and Success, (13) University Theatre, (14) Women's Center, (15) Zero Waste.

What Key services on campus are funded by the I-Fee?

Athletic Tickets

Ducks After Dark

LTD Passes

ASUO Legal Services

Designated Driver Shuttle & Safe Ride

ASUO Conflict Resolution Services

Campus Events, Conferences and Speakers

Sexual Assault Support Services

Mills International Center Coffee Hour


ASUO Street Faire

Folk Festival and other Concerts

Publications such as Ethos, Student Insurgent, Oregon Commentator, Oregon Voice, Siren, Oregon Daily Emerald

University Theatre

EMU Craft Center

Outdoor Program

Cultural Events

Child Care Subsidy

University Theatre

Family Center Co-op

Club Sports