ASUO Mission & Structure


The ASUO strives to provide for the social, cultural, educational and physical development of its members and for the advancement of their individual and collective interests both within the University and the community at large.

UO Student Governance

The ASUO Serves as the student-led and university-recognized student government at the University of Oregon. The primary function of the ASUO is to fulfil its mission through the recommendation and allocation of the student incidental fee (I-Fee), and the implementation of the programs set forth by use of this fee. The ASUO also serves as the primary campus mechanism through which students can express collective opinions on campus policies and procedures, as well as organize and advocate in campaigns to benefit student interests both on campus and throughout the wider community. Learn more about the makeup of the ASUO here!





The ASUO is structured into three distinct branches, each with separate designated roles set forth in the ASUO Constitution.


The ASUO elected and appointed officials are supported by full-time professional and student staff members who help direct the financial, logistical, and policy work carried out by the various ASUO Branches, Committees and Offices.