Accessible Education Center
(541) 346-1083
Oregon Hall, 164

The Disability Services Project was established seventeen years ago with the intent of providing support to students with disabilities at the University of Oregon. Currently, about 600 students receive some type of support whether it be personal assistance, help with writing, typing, special projects, adaptive technology utilization and training or learning disability diagnostic testing. They also host awareness activities provide information to the University community.

Campus Zero Waste Program
EMU, Campus Locations

The Campus Zero Waste Program provides waste reduction, recycling and composting services throughout campus. Additionally, the program offers zero waste events services and has a campus Reusable Office Supply (ROSE) located in 180 PLC that is available to all student groups. Student opportunities include: student employment of work study funded students, volunteer opportunities and academic internships.

Center for Intercultural Dialogue
(541) 346-4150
110 Gerlinger Hall

The Center for Intercultural Dialogue supports and promotes interdisciplinary approaches to transcultural studies and interreligious dialogue as a means to promote peace. The Center works to engage students, faculty and community members in efforts to build a global community through education and dialogue that transcends cultural, religious, and geopolitical boundaries. The committee is open to all interested students.

Committee for Musical Arts
(541) 346-3761
UO School of Music

The Committee for Musical Arts provides the University of Oregon campus with the highest quality of performing artists, lectures, and workshops. The content of these events covers a wide spectrum of styles and focuses on areas of performance not directly served by other University groups. The committee is open to all interested students.

Conflict Resolution Services
(541) 346-0617
Oregon Hall, 164

Jointly funded by the ASUO and the Office of Student Life, Conflict Resolution Services (CRS) provides mediation and facilitation services to students, faculty and staff. The primary purposes of CRS are to provide the campus community a resource for resolving conflicts in a constructive and collaborative environment; and to provide educational opportunities related to communication and conflict resolution.

The Holden Center
(541) 346-1146
EMU Suite 17

The Holden Center (HC) is deeply committed to supporting the broader University mission that strives to help individuals learn to question critically, think logically, communicate clearly, act creatively and live ethically while cultivating an attitude towards citizenship that fosters a caring, supportive atmosphere on campus and the wise exercise of civic responsibilities and individual judgment throughout life. They work toward this goal by coordinating various programs for students focused around leadership and community engagement.

Knight Library
(541) 346-3053
1501 Kincaid

Built in 1935-1937, the Knight Library is the largest library on campus, housing the Library's collections of materials in the humanities, social sciences, music, and business, as well as the library's special collections, government documents, microforms, and maps. The Knight Library is open to all community members most nights until 12pm, and 24 hours most nights for UO students.

LGBT Education & Support Services Program
(541) 346-1134
Oregon Hall, 164

The mission of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Educational and Support Services Program is to provide educational and support services to the University of Oregon campus community and to assist in the creation of a hospitable, safe, and welcoming environment for lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and transgender students, staff, and faculty.

Mills International Center
(541) 346-0887
EMU Suite M144 (above the UPS store)

As a catalyst for international experiences, the Mills International Center provides guidance, information, and programming to promote global understanding. The Mills Center integrates its resources with international and local university communities through active, creative, informative and supportive partnerships and events. Mills welcomes everyone, including both domestic and international students.

Multicultural Center ("MCC")
(541) 346-4321
EMU Suite M109


Oregon Athletics Band
1225 School of Music

The mission of the University of Oregon Athletics Band (OAB) is to provide the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics, the School of Music, Eugene and the surrounding areas, and the University of Oregon community with a marching band of precision and the highest musical quality. The program provides members with performing opportunities and experiences which serve students’ individual music education needs, develop their artistic expression, present strong opportunities for leadership, and enhance their overall quality of time spent in the University atmosphere. OAB aims to encourage and support members of the organization in the pursuit of becoming better artists and leaders for the future.

Safe Ride & Designated Driver Shuttle: 541-346-RIDE
Safe Ride is devoted to the idea that a person - regardless of gender identity, race, religion, sexuality, and more - should be able to go where they wish at night while feeling comfortable and secure. This service is reservation based. Our mission is to provide inclusive, safe, and accessible alternatives to traveling alone at night.

541-346-RIDE Ext. 2

The Designated Driver Shuttle is a first come, first serve, free  take home service for students and their friends; providing a safe alternative to driving under the influence.

541-346-RIDE Ext. 1

Student Government Engagement and Success
(541) 346-3724 Extension 2
ASUO Suite: Erb Memorial Union 004

Student Government Engagement and Success (“SGES”) provides education and support for elected and appointed student officials as well as students who engage in University-level decisions. SGES Staff Members coordinate key services, such as child care subsidy and dependent benefit programs, on behalf of ASUO and maintain strong professional relationships with ASUO/UO partners in order to positively impact the University of Oregon. SGES teammates advise, coach, and partner with ASUO officials on their endeavors in order to enhance student growth.

University Theatre
(541) 346-4190
Villard Hall & the Robinson Theatre

The University Theater seeks to provide an opportunity for University of Oregon students to participate in dramatic arts productions, gaining valuable experience in the field. They also work towards creating an opportunity for University of Oregon students to see live, high caliber theatrical performances at affordable prices.

UO Forensics
(541) 531-3534

Founded alongside the University in 1876, the UO Forensics is a successful debate & speech team composed of UO students. The team travels around the country competing in speech and debate tournament and also hosting events here on the UO campus that are open to all students. Their events include  the Robert D. Clark High School Debate Tournament, the Oregon Debate Institute, and regular campus debates.

Women's Center
(541) 346-4095
Erb Memorial Union 012

The mission of the UO Women’s Center is to advocate for the best educational and working environment for women and people of all genders at the University of Oregon. We accomplish this by working toward societal change, the ending of oppression and by supporting personal growth.

Located in the Erb Memorial Union, the Women’s Center seeks to provide leadership skills through experiential learning opportunities and empowerment. Our center focuses on bridging classroom learning and student activism. The WC provides education, advocacy and support via resources, referral, event coordination, support groups, lactation space, quarterly magazine, community outreach, cultural events co-sponsored with various organizations/departments, etc. in order to promote a safe, equitable and affirming campus climate for people of all genders.