ASUO Recognized Student Organizations

All ASUO Recognized Student Organizations maintain an information portal in OrgSync. You can find out more about the University's Student Organizations by accessing the complete list of ASUO-Recognized Student Organizations on the ASUO OrgSync Umbrella.

ASUO Student Organizations Recognition Process

The following are the current requirements and procedures that must be followed for a Student Organization to become ASUO Recognized:

  • The group must hold a minimum of two meetings per month over a six month time-period.
  • The group must document group meetings with meeting minutes or a similar record of group activities. This documentation must include the following:
    • The name of the student organization,
    • A record of names for students and group leadership members in attendance,
    • The date, time and location of the meeting,
    • An outline of the discussion, activities, or events that took place,
    • The name of the note-taker or meeting facilitator/leader.
  • The group must, during the group formation period, develop a set of governing documents - such as a constitution, charter, or set of bylaws - that is approved by the membership and leadership of your group. Governing documents should, at minimum, specify the roles and responsibilities of your group's leadership members, as well as procedures for choosing new leaders.
  • The group must then complete and submit the ASUO Program Recognition Application, including your group governing documents (a template for creating these can be found here) and at least 3 samples of your meeting documentation, with at least one of these 3 being from more than 6 months in the prior to the time of application submission.
  • Applications will go on a list to be reviewed by the ASUO Programs Administrator and the Executive Program Recognition Committee [EPRC]. (This review may take upwards of 2 weeks.) EPRC-Approved Applications will be reviewed again by the leadership of the Division of Student Life for final affirmation. Fully approved-and-affirmed groups will be contacted by the ASUO Programs Administrator to begin the new student group orientation process.

Groups that are either just starting or do not yet meet the requirements for recognition are encouraged to consider registering their group with the Center for Student Involvement 

2018-19 Application

The 2018-2019 Recognition Application is now open for submission. The EPRC will be meeting once about every 2 weeks to process applications. The first round of submissions will have an expedited timeline in order to be processed before the start of the Annual Budget Process.

For further questions about the process, please email the ASUO Program Administrator at