Dependent Benefit Program

For Spouse, Domestic Partner, and Child(ren) of University Students

The Dependent Benefit Program extends certain incidental fee benefits to spouses, domestic partners, and child(ren) of University of Oregon students.  These benefits, outlined in the below documents, shall be made available to the eligible beneficiaries (“dependents”) of qualified students who meet the terms and conditions of the program.


All University students who are assessed the incidental fee are eligible for the Dependent Benefit Program.  Beneficiaries include the eligible student’s spouse, domestic partner, and/or children.  Proof of eligibility and relationship are required to obtain and annually renew a Benefit-Certified Card for each dependent.

The Associated Students of the University of Oregon (“ASUO”) regulates the Dependent Benefit Program and manages the Benefit Certification issuance and renewal process.  Questions related to the program, including qualification, terms, conditions, and benefits should be directed to ASUO.

Certification and Renewal

Benefit-Certified Cards are valid until July 30, and must be renewed annually for each dependent.

To initiate the dependent benefit:

  1. Students must apply by completing the Dependent Benefit Program Application.  The ASUO website contains a link to the form.  Applicants must be students.  Applicants may save time by uploading documentation proving marriage, domestic partnership and/or declaration of child(ren).  A list of acceptable documentation is included on the application.
  2. Students must provide student identification and verify proof of relationship in person at ASUO.  A current University of Oregon Student ID Card is required.  Documentation proving marriage, domestic partnership, and/or declaration of child(ren) will be required if not previously provided.  Spouses, domestic partners, and children need not be present, yet it is helpful for the student applicant to bring their identification cards. 
  3. ASUO will verify student qualification and spouse/domestic partner/child(ren) benefit eligibility. 
  4. Approved applicants will need to provide either a Community Card or a University ID for each eligible dependent.  Community Cards are issued by the UO Card Office at a cost of $10 each.  Dependents must have their photo taken in order to obtain a Community Card.
  5. ASUO will add a Benefit Certification to the University ID or Community Card of each eligible dependent, creating a Benefit-Certified Card.

To renew a Benefit-Certified Card:

  1. Students must complete online renewal or in person at ASUO, on or after July 1.  Required documentation includes, proof of course registration in mandatory fee courses during the term seeking renewal of benefits, the eligible student’s University ID and the University ID or Community Card(s) for their dependent(s).  If the student’s application for the previous year is on file with ASUO, no further forms or proof are required, provided renewal is for the same spouse, domestic partner, and/or child(ren).
  2. ASUO will renew the Benefit Certification on the University ID or Community Card of each eligible dependent.

Accessing Program Benefits

In order to access Dependent Benefit Program benefits, dependents must have a Benefit-Certified Card in-hand.  Some benefit providers will also conduct an additional verification of student eligibility (incidental fee assessment).

To find out more and to apply, please visit:

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Acceptable Documents to support student dependent relationship