Special Requests

Funding & Budget Transfer Requests


Qualifying Organizations are eligible to request funds from the Incidental Fund Surplus (if there is one) and may also request transfers within their organization's budget. The first step to doing so is to complete and submitting a Special Request Form.

Eligibility for Surplus and Internal Budget Transfers

ASUO-Recognized Student Organizations, Department-Based Programs funded by the Department Finance Committee, and EMU-Based Programs are eligible to submit Special Requests using the form. The primary purposes of this form include:

  • 1. Qualifying organizations (as defined above) may use it to request additional incidental funds beyond what their organization was allocated during the annual ASUO Budget Process.  
  • 2. ASUO-Recognized Student Organizations may use this form to request to use funds currently in their budget for a different purpose than originally allocated.

Requests submitted by ASUO-Recognized Student Organizations must be submitted by an officer of the Student Organization, as categorized in your Organization's OrgSync portal.  Requests not made by officers will be denied.

Form Submission Timeline, Additional Requirements, & Scheduling

Friday is the general rule for submitting special requests. Completed forms must be received at least three business days (excluding UO break periods, holidays and ASUO Finance closures) in advance of any Student Senate meeting. If Senate, for example, is scheduled to meet on Wednesday evening, the Senate body may only consider Special Requests which were submitted on or before the previous Friday.

Advance planning is strongly encouraged. Requests should be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the date funds are needed. If your organization's proposed expenditure requires a contract, the request must be heard and approved before the contract(s) is/are initiated.

Department-Based Programs funded by DFC must meet with a DFC Member before their request may be scheduled by Senate. Department-Based Programs should contact dfcchair@uoregon.edu to schedule this meeting.

Important scheduling information:
  • 1. The Senate President will alert the requester as to which Senate hearing the request will be heard. Representatives from the requesting Organization are strongly suggested to attend the hearing to present their request.
  • 2. The Senate President creates the Senate agenda and schedules requests. Requester should be prepared for the possibility that their request may be postponed to a hearing date which is later than the next immediate date.
  • 3. If a request for surplus exceeds $999, a representative from the requesting organization is required to meet with a Senator to discuss it, and this meeting must occur before the request will be scheduled for a hearing. This meeting should be initiated by the requester and may occur prior to the submission of the special request form. Each Senator holds regular office hours; consult their schedule online.
  • 4. If Senate approves an organization or program's request, it is subject to the approval of the ASUO President.
  • 5. Senate is not required to meet, and often does not choose to meet, during dead week, finals week, academic breaks or the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.
Tips for Completing
  • - Please complete a separate Special Request Form for each event/program/activity.
  • - Student Organizations will need a copy of your organization's current ledger from ASUO Finance prior to completing the form; this information will provide you the balances, account codes, and/or names of line items to accurately complete it.
  • - Any requests which result in surplus allocations must be spent prior to June 30, in accordance with fiscal year-end policies.
Request FORMs may be denied IF: 
  • Request is for a contracted service which fails to meet contract processing timelines.
  • Request is for an expenditure which occurs in a different fiscal year (e.g. before July 1 or after June 30).
  • Requested activity/expenditure does not meet allowable use of Incidental Fee or is not allowable under UO policy.
  • Request is incomplete or misrepresents organization's account data (e.g. request uses the wrong organization account number).
  • Requester has requested Student Organization funding and is not an officer for the requesting Organization.
  • Requester contacts ASUO Finance and asks that the request be denied or returned for edits.

After the Special Request Form is Submitted

  1. Upon receipt, the Special Request will be reviewed by ASUO Finance and may be returned to the requester or denied if information is unclear or if the request is outside of the allowable use of the Incidental Fund.
  2. ASUO Finance must confirm that the request meets administrative requirements and is an authorized expenditure of the Incidental Fund before it can be considered by Senate.
  3. If the surplus request totals $999 or higher, the requester and/or members of the requesting organization must pre-arrange and meet with a Senator prior to the request being scheduled for a Senate hearing. (Requests that are smaller are encouraged, not required, to meet with a Senator.) Note that Senate sets its agenda 48 hours in advance of each hearing.
  4. Student Senate President, under their sole discretion, will schedule the request for a hearing and notify the requester of the hearing date.
  5. Requester and/or representatives from the requesting organization will present the request to Senate at the assigned date/time. Organizations unable to attend the hearing should communicate with Senators in advance.
  6. ASUO Senate will vote to approve or deny the request.  If approved, the request will be forwarded to the ASUO President for their consideration.
  7. Requests which gain both Senate AND Executive approval will appear in Organization's account within one week of Executive approval.


  • For general questions about the special request process, accessing or completing the form, or to inquire about the status of your request, please drop by ASUO Finance during business hours or contact the Controllers at asuofinance@uoregon.edu or 541-346-0626. 
  • For questions related to the Senate hearing schedule or the result of the hearing, please contact the Student Senate President at senpres@uoregon.edu.