IMPORTANT: April 22nd Dance

We are NOT gathering in the Gerlinger Ballroom. Rather we are gathering down the street in the Living-Learning Center (LLC) which is the dorm across the street from the Recreational Center. Below is a map of campus with Gerlinger and LLC highlighted.


Weekly Dances

Hello Dancers and welcome to our 2016 Spring season! Our first dance takes place Friday April 8th, and the season will continue through May 20th. Lessons start at 7:30, and the social dance will begin at 8:30. We hope to see you there! 

A note: our Intermediate Lessons are now Beyond Basics Lessons! We intend them to be specifically geared toward those who want to build on the knowledge from the beginner lesson, so they will feature more advanced material. We hope those of you who attend the beginner lesson will consider attending the Beyond Basics lessons, and that more experienced dancers will continue to attend them as well!


Our Friday Night Dances are held in the Gerlinger Ballroom on the UO Campus.  A map of the UO campus can be found here.  For parking information click here.


Would you like to be involved in our club as a Member (click here) or as an Officer (click here)? Our weekly meetings are open to the public and are a great place to find out what is going on and where we could use some assistance. These take place weekly in the Knight Library, room 342, from 6:00 to 7:00pm.

Also, find us on Facebook at Oregon Ballroom Dance Club.
Or find us on Instagram at UOBallroom.

Our Friday Night Lesson Schedule

Our Spring 2016 schedule is now finalized! 

Spring 2016 Schedule  
April 8th Beginner: West Coast
  Beyond Basics: East Coast Swing
April 15th Beginner: Salsa
  Beyond Basics: West Coast
April 22nd* Beginner: Tango
  Beyond Basics: n/a
April 29th Beginner: Cha Cha
  Intermediate: Tango
May 6th** Beginner: Foxtrot
  Intermediate: Cha Cha
May 13th Beginner: Waltz
  Intermediate: Charleston
May 20th  Beginner: Hustle
  Intermediate: Waltz
May after the 20th No Dances Until Fall

Lessons are set up in series. Like one dance? Take another, more advanced Beyond Basics lesson the next week.

Lessons are subject to change without notice, due to instructor availability

*This Dance is free and will be taking place in LLC South.

**Masquerade Formal Night

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