Child Care Subsidy is an incidental fee funded program which reimburses a percentage of child care expenses paid for lower-income student parents. The goal of the program is to ease the financial pressure of paying child care expenses while also paying college tuition. Subsidies are based on levels of need (similar to the Department of Human Service) and parents awarded subsidy receive a subsidy ranging from 20%-50% of the designated maximum for the fiscal year.

The awarded subsidy applies to the fiscal year of July 1 to June 30; consequently, student parents must re-apply every school year (student parents attending summer school must re-apply at the beginning of the summer to receive subsidy for the summer and the following school year). New applications for each year will be available as soon as possible, both online and in the Subsidy Office.

The subsidy fund is not guaranteed to last the entire fiscal year (July 1st thru June 30th). To help manage this fund, the ASUO Subsidy Program attempts to determine the number of subsidy recipients. Roughly, the first 190 eligible applicants are generally awarded subsidy on an annual basis  [subject to change to stay within budget]. The Child Care Subsidy Task Force also rules on exceptions that are filed by students. All incidental fee paying students are eligible to attend any Child Care Subsidy Task Force Meeting as well as vote in Task Force meetings (if not voting on their own request). We encourage U of O students to attend the meetings and help decide exceptions as well as vote on Child Care Subsidy policies that are up for review. For more information on Task Force meetings, please inquire at the Subsidy desk at 541-346-0632.

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