The following is a summary of the policies in which the University of Oregon Childcare Subsidy must adhere to, our full policies guidelines can be found on orgsync

1. Student parents must fill out a Child Care Subsidy application and submit it to Child Care Subsidy staff.

2. Student parent(s) registered at the University of Oregon must pay the full student-incidental fee (regardless of full-time or part-time status to be eligible for their full assigned subsidy percentage)

3. To receive subsidy student parents must submit a completed reimbursement form and proof of payment for childcare each month.

4. Child Care Subsidy will NOT accept multiple reimbursements for the same month. This means if you pay for child care bi-monthly and/or for more than one center, you will need to submit them together, on a monthly basis.

5. Reimbursements can only be disbursed for the month the childcare was received. If childcare is paid in advance, reimbursement requests must be made for the month childcare was received not the month during which it was paid for.  

6. Child care providers must be registered with the state of Oregon. If the child care provider is not state certified or registered, a background check is required. Instructions can be obtained in the subsidy office.

7. There will be no subsidies for programs or schools whose primary function is to provide instruction limited to a specific subject area or thematic focus. For first grade and above, no subsidies will be issued when a public school alternative is available on a regular basis.

8. Households in which one adult member is not in school or working will not be eligible to receive subsidy.  Exceptions may be made for extenuating circumstances. Exceptions are granted on a case-by-case basis by the ASUO Child Care Task Force. The student parent requesting the exception must submit a “Request for Exception” form to the ASUO staff for referral to the Child Care Task Force.

9. Applicants must provide a subsidy “Change Form” available in the Subsidy office or online for any of the following changes:

• The addition of a child (must also turn in a copy of his/her birth certificate and social security card)

• Changes in: income, student status, address, phone number, e-mail, etc.

• Changes in family status such as marriage or divorce, custody, etc.


10. The maximum amount available to be reimbursed is specified to the child’s age. Childcare Subsidy uses the following ceiling childcare costs when processing reimbursements:


Maximum Monthly Total for Reimbursement

0-24 months

$ 850

25 months–3 years

$ 800

4-6 years

$ 750

7-12 years

$ 450



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