Summer Reimbursements

Requesting reimbursements for summer can be complicated because of the fiscal year that Child Care Subsidy operates on. Please see the following information regarding summer reimbursement requests.

What you need to know in order for Child Care Subsidy to reimburse you for your child's summer childcare:

  • Child Care Subsidy operates on a July 1- June 30 fiscal year and requires all student parents to reapply each fiscal year. This means that any June childcare or camps in June fall under the current fiscal year but in order to be reimbursed for remaining sessions, your family must reapply for the program.
  • Our policies prohibit us from reimbursing student parents for future months, even if they have already been paid for. We understand that some childcare centers and camps require you to pay for the camp ahead of time but we cannot reimburse you until the month the camp is happening in. (For example, if you paid for Session 1 of the Duck Trails camp in March but the first session takes place in June, we cannot reimburse you until June)
  • In order to be eligible for the Childcare Subsidy program, at least one parent/partner must be enrolled in an University of Oregon class therefore paying the I-fee, during the term in which you are requesting subsidy. We include the entirety of June in the spring quarter but if you're requesting reimbursements for July or August, you must be taking a summer session class.
  • Child Care Subsidy cannot reimburse for any camps or programs whose primary function is to provide instruction limited to a specific subject area or thematic focus (i.e. theater camp or art camp)

We understand this is rather complicated and confusing so please contact our office with any questions.

Duck Trails Youth summer camps are eligible to be reimbursed through Child Care Subsidy but because of where the camps fall during the fiscal year, please be sure to read over the information above about summer reimbursements.

Duck Trails Camps are built upon the belief that every child deserves a safe and fun recreational summer camp experience. Each summer the Duck Trails staff create a low pressure, high energy, positive environment where children are encouraged to build friendships, explore their creativity, and have the time of their lives. Duck Trails staff wants each camper to leave every day thinking it was the best day ever!

In each of the camp programs, campers are introduced to a wide variety of activities designed to promote experiential learning, teamwork, and friendship. The programs are designed to help children grow their self-esteem, confidence, leadership, and social skills.

Child Care Subsidy


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Reimbursements Due: April 17th, May 15th and June 12th

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