Emerald City Chess Club

Hello! Welcome to the website of the Emerald City Chess Club: the official chess club for the University of Oregon. Why is it called the Emerald City Chess Club and not something straight-forward like the University of Oregon Chess Club? I don't know. That was the name of the club when I got here and I don't know how to change the name. Anyways, I'm getting a little off track here.

  • Are you wanting to learn more than just the moves of chess?
  • Are you a really strong player looking for some formidable competition?
  • Do you just want to play some chess?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then the Emerald City Chess Club is the perfect place for you!


All ECCC meetings are open to the public and completely free to attend. We have players with a wide range of skill levels, so practically anyone will be able to find someone in their skill range to play against.

The meetings are also informal. There is no specified time control that we mandate everyone use. We set up the boards and the clocks, you find an opponent, and then you start playing.

We also host a tournament once per term (that's where the real serious chess happens), as well as a variety of outreach, promotional and/or just for fun events throughout the school year. If you want to play a game of chess with pieces that are 2 feet tall, you can do it with ECCC. If you want to play some bughouse or anti-chess, you can do it at ECCC. If you want to join a fantastic chess community, have a fun evening every Tuesday, and improve your chess all at the same time, you can do that at ECCC.

We're looking for people willing to be in leadership positions here at ECCC! Are you are a University of Oregon student who is interested in being a part of the Chess Cabinet? (That's what we call the group of leaders for ECCC) Contact us at uochess@uoregon.edu or let us know at a meeting and we'll try and get you involved!

Meeting Location and Time

Emerald City Chess Club meets every Tuesday from 6-9 PM in the EMU Fishbowl.

Event Calendar

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