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Eugene Chess Tournaments


Bethel Quads

Willamette High School

March 18th, April 22nd, May 20th, June 10th

A monthly quad with no age or experience restrictions. The quads take place in the media center of Willamette High School in Eugene. Cost is $10 with all proceeds going to the Willamette High School Chess Club.

Players are divided into four player quads based on the higher of either USCF or NWSRS rating and play a round-robin style tournament with the other three players in the group. The tournament will be NWSRS rated for all quads and USCF rated if all members of a quad are USCF members. 

Registration is from 12:30-1:15 PM with games starting at 1:30. Games will range from G25/5 to G40/5 depending on the preference of the players in the quad. The winner of each quad gets $10 plus free entry into the next quad.

For more information or to register in advance, contact Mike Myers at


Oregon Chess Tournaments


USCF Southern Oregon Chess Tournaments

Diamond Medical Maintenance, 1020 Knutson, Medford, Oregon

April 7th, May 12th.

Entry Fee: $25 if received in advance; $35 if registered on site (must register at least 10 minutes prior to round 1)

Prizes: 1st: $50-$100,  2nd $25-$75, under 1800 $25-$50 (prize winnings based on the number of players)

Schedule and Time Control: 3 Rounds/Game in 60 (5 second delay) 9:30am, 12pm, 2:30pm.

Registration: US Chess Membership Required Send entrance fees, USCF ID, rating, full name to: Ed Battistella PO Box 1081, Ashland, OR 97520.

Please bring your own clock and board.

For more information contact Ed Battistella at 541-552-0743 and


Portland Chess Club Events

Quad 45: March 18, April 22, May 20. 

Game in 60: March 31, April 28, May 12. 

Portland Spring Open: March 24-25. 

8th Annual Oregon Senior Open: April 7-8. 


Go to to find more information for the multitude of events that they run. 

If you are hosting a tournament or know of a tournament that is not listed here and you would like to have it listed, please contact us at with the name of the tournament, the date(s), time(s), and location of the tournament, and any other relevant information that you would like us to put on our website. 

More extensive lists of tournaments in Oregon and throughout the Northwest can be found here and here.

(Updated 3/15/2018)


Meeting Location and Time

Emerald City Chess Club currently meets Tuesdays from 6-9 PM at The EMU Fishbowl on the University of Oregon campus!

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