ECCC Tournaments

Emerald City Chess Club Presents:

The 2019 Spring Open

 May 11th, 11:30 AM – 7:30 PM

Peterson Hall: Room 101

University of Oregon

935 East 13th Avenue

Eugene, OR 97403


  • This tournament is open to anyone, regardless of age, ability or experience!
  • Pre-register by contacting us at with your name and section you would like to register for. If you are a K-12 student, please list your grade and school as well. All sections are OSCF Qualifiers.
  • USCF Section:

USCF and NWSRS rated. USCF membership required. Anyone with a rating over 1400 must compete in this section. Anyone below 1400 may compete in this section if requested. 4 rounds of G/45 d/5.

Prizes: 1st place: $100, 2nd place: $70, 3rd place: $50

  • Northwest Upper Division:

NWSRS rated. Anyone with a rating between 1000-1400 must compete in this section unless they opt to play in the USCF section. Anyone below 1000 may choose to play in this section if requested. 4 rounds of G40/5d.

Prizes: 1st place: $50, 2nd place: $40, 3rd place: $30

  • Northwest Lower Division:

NWSRS rated. Only for those who are unrated or rated below 1000 who do not want to play in either of the other sections*. For anyone who is playing in their first tournament or does not have a lot of experience, this is the section for you. 4 rounds of G40/5d.

Prizes: 1st place: $40, 2nd place: $30, 3rd place: $25


Entry fees (preregistered): $25 for the USCF Section and $20 for the Northwest Sections if pre-registered by May 9th. Entry fees will increase $10 if not pre-registered by that date. Entry fees will be paid at the door. Registration, check-in, and entry fee payment from 11:00 AM- 11:30 AM. Sections will start as close to 11:30 AM as possible. Some sets and clocks supplied. If you have a tournament quality clock and set, please feel free to bring them. One half-point bye is allowed if requested by round 2. USCF rules apply. Prizes based on 40 entrants. If fewer than 40 people enter, the prizes will be scaled down proportionally. The number of sections may be modified based on the number of entrants. The tournament will use the 7th edition of the US Chess Federation's Rules of Chess.



Contact: Wesley Abels. (707) 496-4092



Eugene Chess Tournaments


Bethel Quads

Willamette High School


A monthly quad with no age or experience restrictions. The quads take place in the media center of Willamette High School in Eugene. Cost is $10 with all proceeds going to the Willamette High School Chess Club.

Players are divided into four player quads based on the higher of either USCF or NWSRS rating and play a round-robin style tournament with the other three players in the group. The tournament will be NWSRS rated for all quads and USCF rated if all members of a quad are USCF members. 

Registration is from 12:30-1:15 PM with games starting at 1:30. Games will range from G25/5 to G40/5 depending on the preference of the players in the quad. The winner of each quad gets $10 plus free entry into the next quad.

For more information or to register in advance, contact Mike Myers at


Oregon Chess Tournaments



Portland Chess Club Events

Quad 45: September 9, October 21, November 18, December 16.

Game in 60: September 29, October 27, November 24, December 29. 

Oregon Open: September 1-3.

Portland Fall Open: October 13-14. 

Oregon Class Championship: November 3-4.

Portland Winter Open: December 8-9.

Go to to find more information for the multitude of events that they run. 

If you are hosting a tournament or know of a tournament that is not listed here and you would like to have it listed, please contact us at with the name of the tournament, the date(s), time(s), and location of the tournament, and any other relevant information that you would like us to put on our website. 

More extensive lists of tournaments in Oregon and throughout the Northwest can be found here and here.

(Updated 8/27/2018)


Meeting Location and Time

Emerald City Chess Club meets every Tuesday from 6-9 PM in the EMU Fishbowl.

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