Emerald City Chess Club

Thank you for checking out the Emerald City Chess Club! ECCC's goal is to bring chess not only to the University of Oregon, but to the city of Eugene as well. Eugene is the perfect spot for a chess hub in Oregon, since it's near the middle of Oregon and is along I-5.

The Emerald City Chess Club is crucial for growing chess interest not only in Eugene, but for several other places in the state as well.









People in Eugene would need to take a two hour drive just to play in a tournament in Portland, and people in Southern Oregon would need to drive 5 or 6! 

With the Emerald City Chess Club, we're planning on providing chess to anyone that wants to play, and hoping to eventually turn Eugene into a chess hotbed that we know it can be!

There's also a great high school chess league for the schools here in Eugene, but once they graduate, there is not a lot of chess since adult tournaments are currently few and far between, but that's all going to change! With our weekly meetings and our tournaments, we're planning on creating the kind of chess atmosphere that will rival Portland. 

Membership to the Emerald City Chess Club is completely free! You don't even have to be attending the University of Oregon to become part of our club! There are no age restrictions either! As long as you're willing to play chess, we're going to let you play. 

Our current meeting time, day, and location as well as various ways to follow us on social media are located under the About tab. 

Please look at our calendar to see what meetings and events we have coming up. Check out the News tab to see any big announcements. To see results of our previous tournaments, check out the Results tab. We also have a list of tournaments around Eugene and in Oregon under our Tournaments tab.

Meeting Location and Time

Emerald City Chess Club currently meets Tuesdays from 6-9 PM at The EMU Fishbowl on the University of Oregon campus!

Event Calendar

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