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“The most beloved of people to Allah is one who brings the most benefit to others”–Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him)

Welcome to the Muslim Students Association at University of Oregon. Please use this page to find out more about the Muslim community and about MSA events in and around campus.

The MSA is one of the oldest association in the United States which was established in 1971. Students from all the undergraduate and graduate schools at University of Oregon participate in the MSA, contributing to its multi-faceted diversity. The MSA is dedicated to creating a strong Muslim community on campus by creating a space for Muslims to interact with one another as well as the larger University of Oregon community. MSA events and initiatives are aimed at promoting a greater understanding of the religion of Islam among all members of the Eugene community. The MSA aims to strengthen the Muslim community while concomitantly building strong relations with the larger university and local community. This is done through various types of activities and events, ranging from interfaith community service projects to weekly Friday prayers.


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