Veterans and Family Student Association

History of the Spring Game

The idea of recognizing service members and student veterans started in 2009 by Head Coach Chip Kelly and Director of Football Operations Jeff Hawkins on a trip back from attending a service members funeral.  The 2010 Spring Game recognized the Armed Forces and was also televised by ESPN.

After seeing the the need to recognize the sacrifice of service members and student veterans, the gift exchange was established.  VFSA is awarded five spots to recognize it's members.  VFSA further selects five members that fully exemplify excellent qualities and helps advance the cause of VFSA.

Spring Game Media

2014-2015 Spring Game to Again Benefit Local Food Bank and Honor Armed Forces by

2013-2014 Oregon Salutes the Day with Nike Spring Game uniforms by

2012-2013 Ducks Honor Service Men and Women With Spring Uniforms by

2011-2012 Spring Game to Benefit Food Bank, Recognize Troops by

2010-2011 Spring Game to Again Recognize Troops by

2009-2010 Ducks to Recognize Armed Forces at Spring Game Televised by ESPN by

The 2014-2015 VFSA gift exchange recipients stand at attention and salute; from left to right, Erich Alfsen, Ben Nussbaumer, Jason Kim, and Shynowa Bahe.  Missing from the photo is Carney King.  Jason Sheridan assisted the VFSA members by providing guidance from his previous experience.

The 2013-2014 VFSA gift exchange recipients from left to right, Jason Sheridan, Cody Gregory, Mike Roamer, Tim Wynn and Tyler Dzuik.

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