Veterans and Family Student Association


Leah D. Crewse

Pronouns: she, her, hers


Major: Philosophy

 U.S. Air Force from 2009 to 2013 (Active Duty), Current reservist at JBLM, WA 446 AMDS

Leah has been elected as the President of the Veteran and Family Student Association. She has been an active participant within VFSA since her first year at UO. Leah actively works to promote a positive image of Student Veterans and focuses on building strong connections between organizations, student veterans, and their families. Leah is a philosophy major and plans to help improve Veterans health care.

Vice President

Alandra  E.S. Marcum


Majors: Sociology

 U.S Marine Corps 2014-2016

Alandra has been elected as the Vice President of the Veteran and Family Student Association. This is her second year at UO and she has been an active volunteer within VFSA since she started. Alandra actively works to promote a positive image of women and disabled Student Veterans. Alandra is a sociology major and plans to get a Master's in Architecture to create adaptable housing for the disabled. 

Director of Finance

Patrick K. Garner


Majors: Business

 U.S. Army

As Treasurer I am responsible for ensuring VFSA budget is properly spent, requested, and tracked. I will make budget requests, or assist in, when it is deemed necessary. I will attend ASUO senate meetings when able or necessary. The collection and coordination of all fund related information falls on me. Additionally, I will assist in organizing and securing VFSA events. As a leader in VFSA I will promote and provide a welcoming environment and encourage personal development.

Public Relations Officer

Shea M. Kvintus


Major: Economics with a minor in Ethics

 U.S Coast Guard

Shea was elected as the Public Relations Officer of the Veteran and Family Student Association. Shea has started his third year at the University of Oregon and is majoring in Economics and minoring in Ethics. Shea is actively working to strengthen VFSA's online and social media presence in order to reach more student veterans and their families.



Zachary B. Flores


Major: Family and Human Services

Air Force Dependent

Zack has been elected as the Meeting Coordinator of the Veterans and
Family Student Association. He is a senior double majoring in General
Social Science and Family Human Services. He is an active member in many
organizations/agencies in the community and plans on following in his
father's footsteps by joining the Air Force after college.


Veterans Center Coordinator

Samantha Roberts



 Army Dependent 



Student Veteran Career Adviser

Jason Pillado


 Major/Minor AAOT Degree OSU Cascades COCC, University of Oregon, Environmental Studies, BS

U.S. Army from 1990 to 1998

Jason assumed responsibilities as Veteran Peer Adviser Fall term 2016. Through guidance and instruction from the University of Oregon Career Center Jason advises, and counsels, Veteran student's concerning resume writing and future job placement. Jason is involved in Environmental habitat restoration in Central Oregon and hopes to pursue a law degree in Environmental Law. Jason is and has been active in advocating for homeless veterans and volunteers for Central Oregon Homeless Organization.

III. Officers and their Job Description and Responsibilities 

A. Positions of leadership in the organization: 

1. President (Required) – Facilitates, oversees, and conducts meetings. Provides guidance and leadership on the direction and goals of the club. Is the main decision maker within the VFSA and is the final authority on all voting and forums. 

2. Vice President – Performs the function of the President in the absence of. 

3. Meeting Coordinator– Takes role, records the minutes of the meetings, and maintains club documents. 

4. Treasurer – Collects membership dues, maintains organization’s bank accounts, collects or distributes any funds owed or due to the organization for extracurricular functions, collects/records/and deposits money raised during fund raisers, reports to the president on the financial position of the club. 

5. Public Relationship – Assists Secretary and Treasurer with performing their functions. Also tracks and coordinates with committee heads, solely responsible to head the social committee.  Maintains social media presence and promote VFSA events.

6. ASUO/Diversity representative: Will work with ASUO student government and groups to address the concerns and issues of veterans on campus, with permission of ASUO. Will advocate greater inclusion among the veteran community and act as a champion for veterans who identify as people of color, members of LGBTQ community, women veterans, veterans who are parents, alter-abled and dependents.  


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