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Members of the Warsaw Sports Business Club put on two community based events every spring. These events provide an excellent experiential learning platform in the areas of sponsorship, marketing, and operations, as well as broader event planing and leadership experience.



Formerly known as the KIDSPORTS Invitational, Warsaw Hoopfest is a coed event where each player will register individually as a "free agent. Throughout the day the players will be under the instruction of staff leaders where they will learn important lessons on sportsmanship, teamwork and integrity all in Matthew Knight Arena. During their time with us, children will be involved in a plethora of activities to enhance their game. For instance, participants will enjoy sets of skills challenges where they will be able to demonstrate their talents. This event will also include a “round robin” style of play throughout the day where each team will play every team in their respective groups. In addition to team play, participants and families will have the opportunity to hear from well respected members of the UO Athletic Department to get insight on why it is important to be a respectable athlete. 

Our goal is to help re-focus our sports communities by teaching young people the importance of things such as sportsmanship, leadership and respect in the world of athletics. Tournament proceeds are donated to the Emerald Scholarship Fund and the Stephen Dember Memorial Scholarship Fund. More information can be found by clicking here.


Founded in 2012 and inspired by Nike N7, Youth Movement is an annual interactive field day event for Native American youth across the state of Oregon, and the United States. The kids who participate receive a full day of competitive team sports while utilizing the incredible facilities at the University of Oregon. This event, put on by WSBC students and the Native American Student Union (NASU), is now entering its 6th year and continued growth is on the horizon, with a total of 6 universities participating. The University of Oklahoma & Oklahoma State University became the first, and University of Washington, Oregon State University, and Southeastern Oklahoma State University will be participating in this year’s Movement as well.

The Movement is truly evolving and expanding, and we hope to continue spreading Youth Movement’s mission to even more universities. While growing across the country is an incredibly exciting development, we are hoping to continue spreading our mission across the state of Oregon in 2018. The potential is limitless.

Click here to learn more about N7 and Youth Movement.