Sports Business Analytics


Have you ever wondered how sports analysts come up with their numbers or predictions? Is Money Ball one of your favorite movies? If you answered "Yes" to either of these questions the Warsaw Sports Business Analytics Club might be for you.


Warsaw Sports Business Analytics is a new subgroup of the Warsaw Sports Business Club. The main goal of Warsaw Sports Business Analytics is to promote, accelerate, and evangelize data literacy broadly through the medium of sports analysis. The group plans to do so through hands-on activities with statistics, data science, visualization, and more. They aim to foster an environment suitable for intellectual exploration together.


Members will interact with industry guests, lead and coordinate tutorials and training in relevant tools and mathematical concepts, and complete hands on activities in statistics, data science, and visualization. Success for the subgroup will be measured by its ability to increase the Warsaw Sports Marketing Center’s competency and relevance in both business and player analytics, while providing members with opportunities to gain real-world experience that they can then apply to a career in the modern sports business industry.


To find out more about the club please contact Luke Nofsinger (lrn@uoregon.edu)