Radical Organizing and Activism Resource (R.O.A.R) Center (formerly known as the Survival Center)

Radical Organizing and Activism Resource (R.O.A.R) Center (formerly known as the Survival Center) profile pic
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  • Description: The ROAR Center is a resource center for social and environmental activists. Inspired by a student-led class called “Can Man Survive?” in 1970 (the highest-enrolled class in the history of the University of Oregon) the Survival Center focused on empowering student voices to demand change. Over the course of 40 years, Survival Center has transformed into an entirely student-run organization (members fired the paid staff in the 80s and continue make consensus-based decisions to this day), that organizes events and campaigns covering a large array of issues. While the Survival Center still holds to its environmental roots members and co-directors recognize that the struggle to end the exploitation of our earth is inherently connected to the struggle to liberate ourselves from a system that wants healthy profit rather than healthy people. We are committed to fight against capitalism, imperialism, racism, sexism, homophobia and all forms of greed, ignorance, and domination.
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  • Keywords:
    • radical
    • environmental
    • social justice
    • library
    • books
    • infoshop
    • social
    • capitalism
    • organizing
    • skills
    • climbing
    • crafts
    • diy
    • zines
    • free money
    • fun
    • buttons
    • food not bombs
    • art
    • posters
    • events
    • free
    • prisoner support
    • animal liberation
    • ecological justice
    • working groups
    • new groups
    • support
    • anarchist
    • socialist
    • communist
    • radical

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