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  • Category: Political
  • Description: The Muxeres ( formerly known as Mujeres) group was as a sub-group of MEChA, created in 1995, by the female members within the organization to act as a support for Latinas and Chicanx on campus. Muxeres has recently become its own ASUO recognized organization. Part of the ideology of the Muxeres group is to recognize that the Latinx voice is a powerful political voice that has historically resisted the dualistic oppression of racism and sexism through education, unity, and support from community members. The main goal of Muxeres is to create a safe environment for its members to discuss issues that affect Latinx students on campus, within the Chicanx/Latinx community; and on a societal level. The group is facilitated by an elected student coordinator/ Internal Director and is open to all students, as well as community members, staff and faculty.
  • Website: https://uomuxeres.squarespace.com/
  • Keywords:
    • muxeres
    • mujeres
    • women of color
    • Latinas
    • latinx
    • politcal
    • politics
    • chicanx
    • non-binary
    • gender non-conforming

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